1903 Kashmiri Women

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Tribute to all Women of past, Who worked hard to contribute to built and support their families.
Hard working Mothers & Sisters of our Society used to work on Spinning Wheel / Charka known in kashmiri as "Yander" ( derived from Sanskrit word Yentra) for umpteen hours always besides their house hold chores. Women folk all over the valley used to spin woolen & Pashmina yarn on Yender till as recently as late 1970's. The earnings from such work was considered as honest & pious.Mothers used to prepare Dowry "Daaj" for their daughter from such earnings even many have performed Haj with such earnings .In my area Batamaloo every house hold had at least one yendar operational till late 1970's. How ever with passage of time & very meager returns this craft is lost....Alas....but true

Kashmir in 1970s

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Kashmir in 1970s

Old Fateh Kadal 

Old Fateh Kadal Srinagar Kashmir. Last days of old Fateh Kadal in 1988 that year only it collapsed. Bridge at this site was originally constructed by Sultan Fateh Shah in 1520 AD & was A3 Pier wooden cantilever structure. Shah Hamdan Mosque can be seen on the right bank of Veth work Kohi Maran hillock crowned by Afghan fort built by Governor Atta Mohammed Khan in the back ground.