Wular Lake

1958 Life around Wular lake. In sync wit

1958 Life around Wular lake. In sync with environment.
According to reports by environmentalists it is said that Wular, one of the Asia’s largest fresh water lakes, has shrunk from 200sq km to 25 sq km in the last few decades. 
It is so sad to see all the beautiful lakes, including the Dal lake, shrink fast owing to many factors including illegal encroachment, pollution and unauthorized constructions. 'Hope the administration takes emergency action to save whatever remains, The Anchar lake, I believe, is already gone !

Autumn Fair Of Kashmir

1923 The great Autumn fair of Kashmir.jp

1923 The great Autumn fair of Kashmir.
The caption writes, "To the autumn fairs in Kashmir swarm tribesmen from the Himalayas, from Ladak, and even from Tibet, to buy a handful of nails, glass bracelets, or perhaps some smuggled cartridges.

Kashmiri Women

1950s Kashmiri Women.jpg

1950s Kashmiri Women.
Very interesting and innocent expressions. Simplicity to the core.
"Wajood-e-zan se hai tasveer-e-kaynat mai rang
usi ke saaz se hai zindagi ka soz-e darun"
Simplicity, written loud and clear on these innocent faces. kahaan gaye wo din. I miss those times.