Bridge In Srinagar

a bridge in Srinagar.jpg

Early 20th century. When people had enough time to watch fishing from a bridge in Srinagar.
To me the location resembles Safakadal bridge. As a teenager , I have witnessed such events so many times. Besides healthy young guys used to jump from to top of bridge into the river, entertaining the fair number of people. It used to be real fun. Such bridges were constructed with wood. Later on the modern bridges were built during the prime ministership of Great Bakhshi Ghulam Mohammed. May Allah swt bless his soul inshallah amen.
We all would watch young boys jump from the bridges daringly! Fun used to be watching the live fish with the Fisherwomen and the art of price-haggling that would take place! Mind you the language used while driving a hard bargain used to be so articulate and mild, that it would leave both, the buyer as well as the Fisherwomen, having successfully managed to strike a Good Deal! As they bid each other good-bye till they met again for their next deal! And so their Rich Bond carried on.

 Habba Kadal 

1982 Habba Kadal Chowk.jpg

1982 Habba Kadal Chowk.

Nalamar Canal

1917 Nalamar Canal, Srinagar Kashmir.jpg

1917 Nalamar Canal, Srinagar Kashmir.
This photograph has been taken by Mr. R.B.Holmes in 1917 some where on Mar Kul. Zaberwan mountain range & Mahadev Peak can be seen in the back ground.
I was born in my ancestral house on nalaymeer. This swamp used to be used by theives in kashmir. Famous thief used to carry small ladders and steal from houses. So in the night sometimes my grandmother aunts etc if they were alone used to smoke hukka to pretend that there were men in the house to wade off theives ! Also people in boats used to sell bangles etc. Gone are those peaceful golden days of kashmir.