Mathematics Class

1951 A Mathematics class

1951 A Mathematics class going on in an open air school..Jama, Tafreek, zarab, takhseem. Nostalgic days of Kashmir.Some great leaders, intellectuals, doctors, engineers, civil Cervantes, and writers went to these schools and excelled in their respective professional fields. What went wrong that we lost our faith in these schools. Where some of my generation and our parents went. Was it really the standard of education and teaching approach that compelled us send our children to private schools. Or it was our inferior complex that we wanted show that our child also goes to English medium. I think we got carried away by the English medium thing more than the quality of education. although we knew none was really an English medium, not even proper Urdu medium. Allowing mushrooming of cheap English medium schools by the government's corrupt bureaucrats and politicians who's own children went costly Christian missionary schools was a strategy to curb the unemployment or a cheap alternative to provide quality English medium education which government and municipality schools somehow had failed to provide, is really a question mark.