1870 Ali Kadal

1870 Ali Kadal Kashmir

1870 Ali Kadal Kashmir. Photograph taken in 1875 by Fransis Firth of Aali Kadal from Right Bank of Veth. Ali Kadal is the fifth bridge and was constructed by Sultan Ali Shah in 1415. He created this bridge to have a panoramic view of the splashing water and enjoy the gentle breeze.

Hari Singh High Street

Hari Singh High Street Srinagar Kashmir

1965 The bridge of Amira Kadal. When Tanga (horse carriage) was main mode of transport. Remember the concept of " full tanga" in which the rich would pay full fare for the tanga ! 
less stress on the environment, cleaner air, no noise pollution, no traffic jams, livelihood generations for pony and horse owners and more money for them means more hay and healthier staple for the ponies and horses, and we still get to where we want to go! 
Not even a single person walking in the middle of the road, instead making ques along the footpath. We owe much more to our culture & civilization.

Ghulam Rasool Kachroo

Ghulam Rasool Kachroo

1959 The famous art dealer Late Ghulam Rasool Kachroo showing his collection to a foreign tourist at his famous shop "Subhana the Worst". There are many anecdotes to it but the legend says that it was a marketing technique to beat his competitor shop with the name "Subhana the Best". He would advertise his shop as "The worst" but tell his customers with confidence that once you leave you will say it's the best.