1950s Srinagar

Raj Bagh, Jawaher nagar

Early 1950s A boy having aerial view of Srinagar. See empty areas OF PRESENT DAY RAJ BAGH. Rice fields ? in areas of Raj Bagh, Jawaher nagar, padshahi bagh etc can be clearly seen. Most of the areas of Srinagar including Rajbagh, Jawahar Nagar, Padshahi Bagh, Nishat, Soura, Lal Bazar, Buchpora, Habak etc. are recorded as Abi Awal, Abi Dawum, Abi Sawum, Bag Aabi etc in the revenue records. Only a few areas mostly falling in downtown Srinagar are recorded as Abadi Deh. With the passage of time due to urbanization and population growth as well as the human greed, the agricultural fields as well as the water bodies, flood channels etc have been converted into residential colonies to meet out the requirements of the population of the Srinagar city. These have been regularized by the government by including them in Master Plan of Srinagar city as residential areas.

Kashmiri Children

Kashmiri children

Kashmiri Children.
Beautiful kids busy in dressing hair in braids and plaits in a forlorn landscape under a bright sunlit sky. The tree trunks in the background do reflect tersely the sence of action in which these children are involved. It reveals the saga of those times, the crests and troughs of love that tied together all the members of a very large nuclear family.

Kashmiri Girl

Kashmiri Girl

Kashmiri Girl.
All the ornament worn are traditional silver ones. Now hardly in use except for use of tourists for taking photographs in Kashmiri attire. Even Silver Smith's are very very rare who are in business to make such ornaments.