Market Scene

Market Scene Srinagar 1980.jpg

Market Scene Srinagar 1980.

The DONGA Cruise in Kashmir

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Early 20th century The DONGA Cruise in Kashmir.
In past the most common outdoor recreational activity was to hire a DONGA and go with family or friends or neighbors to Mughal gardens, Hazratbal, Mansabal, Ganderbal etc, it used to be a day or few days and boarding point were various ghats of river Jehlum in the city.
Even chief oarsman is with a Turban, A sign of respect.
Ghats known as a major place on a river bank, which used to be points of commerce and transport, where one used to board a boat or purchase a commodity. In past Government rice / firewood was sold in boats at these ghats hence still the name Tumulo Ghat ( Rice ghat ).
"In my childhood many a times I along with my family members and relatives had been to Khirbwani in a donga. The trip was for about a week. It was joy which you can't describe. Chatting and singing Kashmiri songs Mingling with the family of dongaman helping him to pull the donga against the current. The present generation can't imagine what a thrill it was One becomes nostalgic to think about it and the eyes become wet. Those were the days".

Kashmir 1977

Dal lake, Srinagar Kashmir 1977.jpg

Laundry time Dal lake, Srinagar Kashmir 1977.