HSHS Amira Kadal

1977 HSHS Amira Kadal.jpg

1977 HSHS Amira Kadal.
Hari Singh high Street was the first organized commercial/residential business hub in Srinagar. Its construction was started under the orders of Maharaja Hari Singh in 1928 and was completed in 1931. The project was undertaken under the guidance of Mr. G.E.C. Wakefield C.I.E, O.B.E who has requisitioned the services Engr. Mr Francis Green from the Bombay Presidency. Under 
Engineer Francis Green the first Sewer Line was laid which is still operational and is known as Green Sahibs Drain. I am uploading a few photographs of Hari Singh High Street during its construction phase and thereafter.

Portrait Of Kashmiri Women

1864 Portrait of Kashmiri women.jpg

1864 Portrait of Kashmiri women.
(150 years old photo still looks so fresh)
Photograph shows a trio of Hafizas (Naucht Girls) a very sorry & pathetic chapter of kashmir. Hafizas of that time, which were prevalent till recent times and credit must to go to Mr Mohd Subhan Hajam, Tyndale Biscoe and other social workers to end this menace.

Lunch Break In The Fields In Kashmir

1950s During a Lunch break in the fields

1950s During a Lunch break in the fields in Kashmir.
They didn't have much money but they were at peace with themselves with these simple ways of life..
Those times were plentiful with simplicity and austerity. Although,the people of the valley were not affluent in terms of money power but an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and harmony prevailed everywhere. Those were the times when freedom had dawned not long ago and Sheikh Mohmad Abdullah was prime minister of the state and at the helm of affairs.