Ustad Ghulam Muhammed Qaleenbaft

Sufiyana musician

The great Sufiyana musician and singer Ustad Ghulam Muhammed Qaleenbaft Born 1909 Died 1994. He belongs to the elite group of singers and musicians. He had developed interest with the art since his childhood and would participate in all household gatherings were lovers of music would assemble and listen to Sufiana Kalaam. He is known to be unique in maintaining the flow of music while his singing has always been appreciated. Initially he was trained by one Sula (Sultan) Joo and then later by Khala (Khaliq) Joo both were known to be music masters of their own time. He has contributed a lot to keep this tradition alive and has also worked as a teacher to impart this tradition to boys and girls of Amira Kadal High School, Srinagar. As he acquired good fame he was appointed as teacher at State Cultural Academy to train young generation so that the art would live for future.
Qaleenbaft sahib was very noble person, before singing songs, he used to do wazu. Maximum songs he sung were based on devotion to Almighty Allah and Prophet Mohammed P.B.U.H. May Allah shower blessings on his departed soul.