Valley Of Kashmir

valley of Kashmir.jpg

1930s An old time vehicle with trophies of Hangul at backside leaving valley of Kashmir. Mostly these cars were carrying English elite. Photograph taken in 1936 showing Tourist/hunter returning from Kashmir some where near Uri with their motor car laden with belongings,hunting trophies, Kangris & wicker Baskets. A Sarenghe Nawaz is playing probably a farewell tune on his musical instrument.

Jhelum At Zaina Kadal

1985 View of Jhelum at Zaina Kadal.png

1985 View of Jhelum at Zaina Kadal.
By this time the phase of Shikaras on Jhelum had gone down. "Naavi Taar" (crossing river by boat or shikara) was altogether a beautiful experience.
Where has that "Venice of East" look gone !

Kashmiri Man

Kashmiri man in traditional attire 1960.

Kashmiri man in traditional attire 1960.
I remember my grand fathers. May Allah bless their souls.
What a devastating tragedy the young generation of modern fragile era have no interest, not in favor of our cultural traditional dresses instead a deep interest in Indian, western, Israeli customs, and enormous adopting these foul foreign customs.