Lal Chowk

Srinagar 1970s-80s.jpg

Srinagar Kashmir view at Lal Chowk 1960s-1970s.

View From Amira Kadal

View from Amira Kadal, Kashmir.jpg

Early 20th century View from Amira Kadal, Kashmir.
Photograph of Shergarhi Place Complex taken by T.H.McAllister in 1893. Shergarhi Complex was built by Afghan Governor Amir Khan Jawan Sher in 1770AD on whose name it is still known even though during Dogra Reign it was repaired extensively after devastating Earth Quake of 1885 & named Nursing Garh. After 1895 during Reign of H.H.Partap Singh the buildings in front of main complex were removed & converted into Raj Garh Lawns & a wall built upto Hanuman Mandir right from Amar Singh Palace ( Present day Governory ).

Weir at Chattabal Srinagar

Weir at Chattabal Sringar.jpg

Early 20th century color postcard of WEIR at Chattabal Srinagar.
A weir is a barrier across the horizontal width of a river that alters the flow characteristics of the water and usually results in a change in the height of the river level. In olden days , it was a picnic spot with a beautiful park.
During lean discharge months this Weir was capable to raise water level by 7 feet higher than the minimum level.
Hand tinted photograph of Chattbal wier taken by R.C.Mehta in early 1930's. It's hand tinted post card version was issued in 1940's.
Construction of this wier was started in 1906 through contractor M/S Avery, at a total cost of Rs 116700/=. It was inaugurated in 1916 by Maharajah Partap Singh.
It's length is 453ft. It's lock was capable of passing Boats 20ft wide & 150ft Long.
Main object of wier was to maintain sufficient depth of water in River Jehlum & it's tributry canals Tsunti Kul, Mar Kul, Kut Kul & Suner Kul.